I was so happy while participating in this program because I can make friends with many pharmacy students from overseas and expand my knowledge about the practicals and reality of pharmacy in various fields by visiting the hospital, public organizations, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industrial factories, and community pharmacy. In community pharmacy, after the explanation about community pharmacy in Korea, we had a sharing session about the differences between community pharmacy in our country with Korea. So I got new knowledge about community pharmacy from Korea, France, UK, Canada, Poland, and Colombia. On another day, we also share about pharmacy education curriculum and health care system/insurance in our country. The best part is visiting industries such as Amore Pacific and Handok because I have an interest in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. We went to their factory and they showed us the production process of their products. For example, in Handok, they showed us how to make tablets and ketotop plasters.


After visiting pharmacy-related places, there is a cultural program. In the cultural program, we visit some beautiful corners of Seoul (Bongeunsa, Coex, etc), try Koreas local foods which are 진짜 맛있다 (very delicious), and others. Those made me feel like a local Korean. I recommend you (the next SEP participants) to taste 빙수 (bingsu) during the summer, you MUST try it.


For me, the best part is having fun during MT (2 days 1 night). We went to the beach, do karaoke, share each country's local snacks and drinks, played with fireworks, and we socialize a lot until morning. Everyone is super super friendly! During this program, you will never feel lonely because we always had dinner together. The Korea SEP team is so well-prepared and they treat us very well. Big appreciation to the SEP team for their hard work to make this SEP so amazing. I’m really happy and grateful to know all of the SEP staffs and other SEP participants !!


I really like the Korea atmosphere, so I will consider Korea as my “second home” country.


3 Words to summarize :




Dear all, (Gaeon, Seonmi, Dahyeon, Surim, Sumin, Hazel, Gyeongwon, Hyewon, Doeun, Yoori, Sunny, Eonji, Jihyun, Jaehyeon, Sehee, Haley) (Andy, Mingwan, Moogwan, Jongu)

(Luisa, Tiki, Ima, Celine, Lulu, Simon, Oliwia, Marcel, Kamil)


Thank you very much for all these unforgettable memories. Don’t forget to call me if you are coming to Jakarta!!