2022 Summer Student Exchange Programme Experience



I had an absolutely great experience in Korea. The visiting program held by KNAPS is perfectly balanced, with lots of interesting visits of pharmacies, hospitals and companies, as well as many cool cultural activities, like making incense and climbing the Namsan Tower. There were also many social events to ensure that everyone was having fun while learning. When my family and friends at home ask me what was my favorite part of the SEP, I never know what to answer. Of course, we made so many unforgettable memories together, from early-morning corporation visits to night markets. I was so inspired that after only two weeks, my travel journal was already 160 pages long. But I think a big part of the experience was the exchanges that I had with the other pharmacy students, both Korean nationals and foreigners, about the profession in their countries. Everyone was so nice and welcoming: I definitely fell in love with Korea and its amazing way of life.