2022 Summer Student Exchange Program Experience

Marina Salló Ribas  (AEF-UB, Spain)

Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Laboratory of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

When I discovered the SEP program, the first thing I did was investigate South Korea’s offers. I was intrigued by the visiting program as it allowed me to embrace different aspects of the  pharmaceutical industry. But as I am in the final years of my pharmaceutical degree, I decided to go towards research. After two years of applying and COVID-19 not letting me go to Korea, finally  summer of 2022, I was able to go a whole month in Seoul researching at Kyung Hee University in  the organic and pharmaceutical chemistry department. 


The day I started my internship, I was somewhat worried about what I would find in a chemistry  laboratory and what my functions were. It was my first time participating in research and also  working on the organic chemistry ambit. During college, I did not have quite opportunities to experience how investigation works, so I embraced this chance with loads of optimism.  


I enjoyed my experience very much. I learned a lot during my internship. Now I feel more confident about myself in a more experimental ambit. From not knowing about some techniques,  I believe I can put them to practice on my own. I must thank my mentor and lab mates for all the time and consideration they had. If it was not because of their help, I would not have corrected my mistakes and learned as much, they made  my stay wonderful.  

About KNAPS, I already felt welcome even before I stepped into Korea. They were great support  from the beginning to the end. Any doubt or trouble I had, they were always there to help. This program is made with a lot of thought and love. Every detail, every plan, is just perfect. There  was no day I felt alone in Seoul. We had different activities during the week. It was ideal for  discovering the city. What I loved the most was the "everyday" life in Seoul. It is a charming city,  and having local friends shows you the secret spots and traditions that it hides. If you ever go to Korea with KNAPS, I can assure you that you will be provided with the most  wonderful and amazing people in the world. I had so much fun with all of them. I will treasure  those memories and friendships in my heart to the very end. 


I want to thank all the members from SEP that were by my side during my stay. I’m really grateful  for living this experience with all of you. I can't imagine it any other way. 

My best wishes to everyone. Let's see each other soon, fighting! 

Lot’s of love,