2022 Summer Student Exchange Programme Experience

Albert Chuang (PSA_Taiwan)

I’m Albert Chuang from PSA Taiwan. At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to have the opportunity to be an exchange student during my college life due to the lockdown of COVID-19. Fortunately, it was my honor to take part in the visiting program held by KNAPS at the end of the COVID, known as the post-pandemic era. As a pharmacy student who has been fascinated by K-culture for a while, I believe this is the best decision I’ve made in my entire lifetime.

Both located in East Asia, Taiwan, my hometown, and Korea shared a similar social atmosphere. However, the big conglomerate company in Korea is well-known, where as there are fewer small enterprises and related start-up companies theirthan those in Taiwan. In the program, we visited lots of cutting-edge pharmaceutical companies, community pharmacy, Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), and some government bureau. I realized that the Korean government sponsors and supports a lot of its own biological industry. For instance, there was a center, called KoNECT (Korea National Enterprise for Clinical Trials), to advance and promote their clinical trial capabilities. Meanwhile, I also encountered a recruitment advertisement for clinical trials in the subway.


Out of the whole program, I would say the community pharmacy inspired me the most. First, it reminded me of my internship time, the effort I made, and the affinity I had. Next, in this session, we discussed the differences among the countries. Also, it was the first in-person international event for us in the post-pandemic era, which made us compare the roles that pharmacists played during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was quite worthwhile to share the different roles and learn about the pros and cons.

At Community Pharmacy

After the daily schedule, the staff took us to lots of attractions where we could experience Korea in an authentic manner. All the Korean staff were all willing to lead us to their daily life, such as playing some drinking games, going to coin karaoke, and chilling near the Han River. The most impressive event must be the two-days MT in Suwon. We took the hot-air balloon, watched the baseball game there and also had an overnight party as Korean college students usually do. I felt like I was a genuine Korean university student and that’s one of my unforgettable memories.

At Suwon

Thanks to every staff member who prepared this ineffable program, 김민재 김수현 김예리 김찬진 박동원 박재호 박주은 변경원 안다현 염경하 오현숙 윤홍은 이다혜 이가언 이수림 이지은 임선미 장나영 장정호. Also to my foreign friends, Adrien Alec Ana Aileen Camille Natalia Olivier  Robert Yvonne. Last, my best SEO, 조영은. Special thanks to my Korean friends, 이찬 권민재 이연지 채원태 추수원 신영아 서혜린 김준현 김지윤 김성훈 도영진. I appreciate everything and highly respect all your effort and attitude. I received lots of help from them and I did feel love and passion in this marvelous nation. This fortuitous serendipity made me grow up a lot as well. In the meanwhile, I hope that there was something I had delivered to each of you during this program. 

Farewell Party

“It’s a new start for us after this program and farewell is for a better reunion next time.”