2018 KNAPS SEP Incoming _ Visiting Program _ Testimonial by Nour Tamer

2018 KNAPS SEP Incoming _ Visiting Program

Nour Tamer Abdel Shafy (ASPSA_Egypt)

 My SEP experience was more than I expected , I enjoyed every second of it and discovered different pharmaceutical branches.Choosing KNAPS the Korean National Association for Pharmaceutical Students in South Korea was one of the best decisions I've ever taken, since their pharmaceutical field is operated with the most innovative methods and high technology. Adding to this they have got a very organized operating system that enable the pharmacists to work efficiently.Not to mention that their patients have the privilege to use mobile applications that facilitates their medication administrations process with it's details.


 The visiting program gave me the greatest opportunity to broaden my spectrum, as it offered visits to multiple organizations such as : Community Pharmacies , Hospitals,Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics companies and Public Institutes including Atomic Research Center , Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and others. 

 By this I got to explore and receive very interesting information from doctors and pharmacists who were very generous and kind.  Doctors and pharmacists from these different organization not only taught us about their operating systems but were curious and interested to listen to our thoughts and learn about our country's own systems.They gave us the time to compare the different systems so that we're able to specify the pros and cons of each . I believe that this was the program's main target and it was perfectly accomplished as now I would have the capability to make some positive changes in the future.

 My favorite part was the hospital visits, I got to know the whole cycle concerning drug dispensing starting from receiving the prescription till delivering the medication to the patient. Furthermore observing how pharmacists deal with cancer therapy , how it's formulated with aseptic technique , monitoring the machines and it's safe storage protocol . Also in Kyunghee University hospital I learnt about Oriental Medicine, from the storage of herbs , preparing the prescribed recipes , packaging and delivery either to inpatients or outpatients.

Adding to this, on the last day of the program we visited the Korean Pharmaceutical Association (KPA) there we learnt about how pharmacists record adverse drug events , how they educate their patients to use specific websites for pharmacovigilance purposes.

 Now to my cultural experience, one day we all dressed up in the traditional Hanbok and walked around the charming Kyungbok Palace this day was so perfect! Being able to mesmerize the breathtaking scenery of Seoul from Namsan Tower one of the highest towers in South Korea was simply stunning. Fourteen days later the program came to an end yet it was just the start for my soul to blossom more and more , I got fulfilled with interesting and ecstatic thoughts . Not to mention that I've got friends for life! We shared joyful and captivating moments that will stay in my heart forever.

 In a nutshell, it was a life time experience spent with loving and caring people. I have no words to describe how grateful I am for this golden opportunity. Thank you for every single person who participated in making my dream come true!

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