2018 KNAPS SEP Incoming _ Visiting Program _ Testimonial by Felix

Review about "Visiting Programme" of KNAPS SEP

Felix Spormann(AFOEP_Austria)

Why did I choose Korea SEP ?

 I was always interested in Korea and when I read about the opportunities the SEP in Korea had to visit very unique parts of the wide field of Pharmacists, I knew I really wanted to go there.

 What was your best over all visiting places ?

 It is really hard to decide which of the places we visited was the best, because most of them were so great and interesting that it doesn’t seem fair to only pick one. There were a lot of Highlights Community Pharmacy definitely was one because things are done so differently than I have experienced in my home country. Also the Hospital was very interesting because of the sheer size and enormous workload the people working there had to carry. But from the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t want to work in community Pharmacy or Hospital I think the Companies we visited and also the Agencies of FDA, forensics and nuclear research were the best because I wouldn’t have thought that these Workplaces were even an Option for Pharmacists. The last Highlight I would like to mention is the Korean Drug Abuse Association because of the difference in Problems faced with Drug misuse in Korea compared to European countries.

 But most of all I was astonished by the Technical advances presented to us by the Korean Pharmacists Association with the innovative mobile application and IT solutions for easier Drug use.

 Share your Story:

Well obviously the best part of the SEP was the people, I never would have imagined to make so many friends in such short time. Everyone in the program was so nice and I really had a hard time leaving but I hope to see everyone again some time. I really had so much fun with everyone and there were so many great nights out, fun dinners, the best drinking games ever and also other Activities after the Program. Two of my favorites were the International night and also the farewell dinner even though it was also sad because my flight left early next morning. Just the amazing openness of the Students helped exchange many cultural differences and get to know so much more about other Countries.

  I am so grateful to have made these experiences and can´t thank the Students of KNAPS enough for putting together such an awesome program. It truly was one of the best time of my life and I will always look back to it with a smile.

Hope to see everyone again soon,

 Love Felix 


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