2018 KNAPS SEP Incoming _ Visiting Program _ Testimonial by Nabilla

2018 KNAPS SEP Incoming _ Visiting Program

Nabilla Rizkia Fabeele(HMF-ITB_Indonesia)

 First of all, Korea is one of my favourite countries in this world. I have been loving Korea since 2010 because of their music, drama, and so on. But now, my major is Pharmacy and one of the pharmacist concerned is about cosmetic. Everybody all over the world knows that Korea has the greatest cosmetic products and It made me really curious to know it by myself. A lot of Korea cosmetic brands make their products using natural ingredients such as plants or something which is produced by animal and so on. I think Indonesia has a great natural potential but they can’t turn it into a good products. That’s why I want to know about Korea technology in term of producing a great cosmetic products. I also have interest about how community pharmacy held in Korea. In Indonesia community pharmacy isn’t famous if we compare it with industrial pharmacy. I just want to know whether Korea faced the same problem or not. In Korea, they separate the traditional medicine expertise with pharmacist. It gets me really curious about that because in Indonesia, pharmacist should be mastered in traditional medicine as well as the convenient one.


 Visiting Kyunghee University Hospital is one of my best visiting places in Korea. This hospital is very unique because they produced their own herbal medicine by themselves in the same building as they hospitalized the patients. It’s really great to give the patients herbal medicines along with the convenient drug. They usually give the patients the herbal medicine in liquid form such as tea or herbal drinks. But they not only produce it in liquid form but also in solid form such as tablets, pastilles, and even candies. The pharmacist in this hospital also has a great systems to make ends meet with the patients. Most of the systems in this hospital are already automatized by machine. They dispense the medicine for the patients with the machine. One of the best machine I’ve ever seen is vending machine for medicine. They said that they need this kind of machine for the emergency departments so that we can get the medicine easily and it also helps them to monitorize the medicine in emergency departments.

 I also had a very good time visiting amore pacific. This company is one of the biggest korea cosmetic companies. It’s such an honor for me to see this company directly. Even though we didn’t see the process of products making in this company but I had enough things to learn from this company. They have a great exhibition to tell us about their products history. I learned that the greatest things sometimes comes from the simplest thing in our daily life. Camellia flower is the starter materials that they used to make their first product. It triggers me to explore more about the simple plant around us that might have a big impacts in our life.

 So, when I had my time in Korea, it didn’t always about pharmacy things but there was a lot of new experience I had. Well, I visited a lot of palaces in Korea and I’m still impress about it because they can keep their historical place that well. They also provided us to experienced it in a good way. For example, when I visited Gyeongbukgung Palace, the store around this area rented korea traditional clothes called hanbok. So, the foreign people can experience how is it to be Korean people back then. I also found something interesting about food. It’s really different with my country. Korean people love spicy food with a little bit sweet taste in it and Indonesia loves spicy food too much. But, we were here not only with Korean people but also with others who came from Europe and Asia as well. So, we really tasted the different style of food a lot. And in Korea they have a raw octopus as the dishes and it’s still moving as well. It’s so new for me. I also experienced that the public transportations in this country had been managed very well by their government. I took a good time using it. 

 I also had homestay in my friend’s house. And from that, I knew that in Korea people prefer to rent or buy apartment beside ordinary house. I also visited many university in Korea. My homestay friend took me to her university and it was amazing. I loved to know about their architecture’s style which really different with mine. I had a really good times at there. 

Thank you for having me in Korea.

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