2018 KNAPS SEP Incoming _ Visiting Program _ Testimonial by Nada



Nada Mahmoud(EPSF_Egypt)

 This year I applied for SEP in Korea, and I choosed Korea because first; it has always been my dream country to visit and I loved it very much and second; because Korea is one of the most developed countries so I wanted to know how is the pharmacy field going there and learn from everything and from their experiences among the years.


 My SEP program was a (Visiting program), there were two programs in SEP korea a Visiting program and a Research program. but I choosed the tour one because I wanted to see more and know every field a pharmacist can have a role in and I was really surprised by this number of things a pharmacist can do and not just a drug dispenser. We visited Community pharmacies, Hospitals, Industries and Associations. and as Clinical pharmacy is my major the hospitals visits were my favorite. We visited Kyunghee university hospital and St.Mary hospital and both of them was so good. in kyunghee there was something special only in it and that was the traditional korean medicine department. st mary hospital was more huge and I loved how everything is well organized so no mistakes happen and the right medicine reach the right patient smoothly through the unit dose system.

There was other interesting places like, korea atomic energy research institute, and korea pharmacist association and how they develop their ways of connection with the patients and make it easier through the applications and internet. I really loved how the pharmacy field in korea is going and how they care to develop themselves everyday and day for the sake of patients and community.

 If I loved korea before I came to some extent, now after visiting it I loved it more and more, and I am really grateful that I had the chance to get into the country and its culture and experience almost everything. We tried most of the korean food, the traditional food and the street food and they were so delicious. we also tried to wear the hanbok, a traditional korean dress and went to an old palace where we saw how was the historical korea look like. we also went to the most modern places and streets in korea. and we did not forget to enjoy a lot of nature sightseeings in this beautiful country.

Korean people are so amazing, our korean team was very helpful and lovely we made a good friendship with them and we have now our family in korea :)

It was really an amazing experience and an unforgettable one (once in a lifetime), and I will forever remember it and keep it in my heart.

Thanks for everyone who made this happen and thanks for each one put a single small effort in this perfect trip.

Thank you KNAPS.

Thank you EPSF.

Thank you IPSF.

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